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Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Letter To Rosa DeLauro

Dear Ms. DeLauro:

This week’s “non-binding resolution” is not the most insipid, spineless and useless endeavor ever enacted by Congress, but it will do until something more despicable comes along.

To say that this nonsensical and blatant political maneuvering of trying to eat one’s cake and have it too is sickening, demeaning of Congress and an affront to the American people is too polite. It is in a word – or at least should be – unconscionable.

That Congress engages in such craven political grandstanding while American men and women are dying in Iraq, Afghanistan and in the war on terror defiles the institution and contradicts the term leadership.

As a veteran of Viet Nam and someone who has questioned – and continues to question - the war in Iraq from its onset I find no solace in the political gamesmanship and triviality of “Bush lied, people died meme”. I am even less sanguine with the “I did not know that voting to give the President this authority he would screw it up so badly.”

We live in a world that is often fraught with unintended and unforeseen consequences. To now blame the President for such poor foresight while blithely trying to ditch your lack of vision seems dubious at best.

Nor do I find a blind obedience to party loyalty or a President - “stay the course” if you will - a righteous path. Congress has by constitutional fiat the rights that they could have – and should have – instituted during this period of the Iraq war to determine its efficacy and progress. To deny and try that is to be disingenuous and patently ridiculous. Especially in light of Congress’ eternal ability to deliver pork laden earmarks in each and every spending bill that comes down the pike.

Mr. Bush, his administration, the military leaders and the Congress all have been part and parcel to the last four years. There is blame enough for all. And it is time for all to work together on serious solutions and bring out troops home as soon as humanly possible and to preserve, defend and protect the Constitution as they have sworn to do. Something that will not be accomplished by commentary, political rhetoric or passing “non-binding resolutions.”


A most disillusioned and disgruntled constituent

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