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Monday, February 12, 2007

Too Long A Time Coming

The Chicago White Sox scratched an eighty-eight year itch two years ago by beating the Houston Astros 4 games to none to capture their first World Championship 1917.
Now if only the “new” other team in Chicago - the Cubbies - could conclude their nearly 100 year quest for all the baseball marbles would everything be copasetic in the universe.
Before 2005 the White Sox lost the World Series the last 2 times they played in it. The first loss being the infamous Black Sox series of 1919, the second was in 1959 was to the Los Angles Dodgers - two years removed from being relocated out of Ebbets Field and Brooklyn.
John Kennedy was not yet president the last time the Sox were in World Series… baseball enthusiast Fidel Castro was just assuming power in Cuba and Jack Paar was still hosting the tonight show when the Sox last played a World Series game. Heck the LA Angeles of Anaheim that Chicago had to beat to get to the World Series were two years away from their inaugural baseball game! Chicago manager Ozzie Guillen – 41 years old - wasn’t even born when the Sox were last in the series before 2005. You get the picture.
So, now the White Sox and their fans can savor this Pennant and perhaps even stop apologizing for the 1919 incident with Shoeless Joe Jackson and the "Black Sox Scandal”.
Unfortunately for Cub fans now have the monkey – monkey hell, it’s King Kong -on their backs. Prior to 2005 and the White Sox win, the Cubs were the baseball team in Chicago notwithstanding the futility of their own losing ways.
It was understandable after all the Cubs had gone longer since winning a World Series, never were involved in throwing a Series and bringing shame to the City. Perhaps it was because they played in historic, legendary and endearing Wrigley Field. And besides how can any one root against the Cubs and the adorable bear cub uniform emblem.
Whatever the reasoning, all of that has now gone by the wayside. The Cubs are now a team who last won a World Series when Roosevelt was President. No, not Franklin… Theodore. A team who last won a World Series before the Titanic sank, before World War 1 even started, before Geronimo went to his happy hunting ground!
Hey the Chicago won the series only once during the 20th century – heck even Haley’s Comet orbited the earth twice in the same time period. If George Steinbrenner owned this team his head would have exploded sometime around 1965… hmm I guess there is a silver lining to every dark cloud.
Go Cubs?!

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